11 Reasons That Can Break Your Relation


11 Reasons That Can Break Your Relation:

Relationships are very expensive for us. Relationships keeps we alive. Takes care of our mental health. At any cost, we do not want to creat a distance in it. But may be we hit the man of own mistakes. Now we are giveing 9 problems what can break your relation.

Mind Reading:

Instead of the question, we always take a lot of self-understanding. There have many complex in human behavior. There can be mistake if any one want to understand itself. Many people do not express himself. every one can not enhanced in the eyes of the face. If you want to guess to seeing the face, you will unable to know that you are in a wrong sense. At the same time you’re doing the missbehave with your partner.

Not Listening:

you have some problems with your partner, but you are not listening? Insead learn to his views,you engage in debate at the beginning. Position your saying, angry may is smog of others speech. Thus, his inability to speak make a distance. Listen he very attentively.


You may not hear those words never seriously which you do not want to hear. Only those you accept your partner’s speech which you like. This not only reduces familiarity, its accumulation of a lot of grief.


During the discussion you may be oblivious. especially when discussing gone a long time. But this inattention can give your partner the feeling that, you are not giving importance to him. Show him that his every talk is very important for you.


Do you judge people without cause? May be you take an opinion about people easily. You do not try to understand or to learn about him. When you hear the full story of an event or person and trying to understand then you can be give unbiased opinions. Before know any thing does a comment is not intoductory of generous .


Your partner is your equivalent, it does not matter the age! If you took the role of the teacher himself your relationship will be affected. Please note, you’re always giving advice? It’s kind of a ride to his qualification.Do not give him advise all time.It is harmful for a relationship.


When argue in any matter if you proceed through logic its does not hurt anyone. But we can not take a lot of getting lost. It is harmful to our personality. For a good relationship, we need avoid arguments.


Is that a lot of time, for stop arguing we say, ‘Well, You’re right’. It reveals a kind of negligence. Speak and be cool. Stopping the wound is not the solution to completion. So talk. It is so important for a relationship.


The worst thing we do that is counter-blame. Despite reluctance to admit our mistakes we blame others. It could break a relationship in one moment. Embracing own fault and a little “sorry” would pretty much your relationship. So , if you want to countinue your relationship, you should avoid accuse.

Do not give time to him:

Do not give enough time to him can break your relationship. It make distance and gape. No one should make a gape in relationship. A relationship always depended on give time. A boy or girls need it first.


Do not trust on pratner is can break a relation. In a relation couple should trust each other. If they can not trust each other then relation could be break.Trust each other make relationship strong and easy.