6 Foods Which Will Cure Acne Problem Forever


Hope it will be too tough to find out people who are not suffering and did not suffer from acne problem. Acne can attack an any kinds of skin. People do a lot of things to remove acne. But how much effective they are? People takes lots of medicine and creams. But do they work? Ok, isn’t it better if it can be solved from inside of body? We can easily cure our acne problems by eating some foods. Yes, nature is the big resource of many cures. But we must find the proper solution and know how the work.

Because of dead cells and pollution our skin becomes effected. Dirt pollution effects our skin and creates acne. Generally if ones skin is oily it hampers more. Oily skin is the best place for acne. Many scratches acne with their dirty hand. This is not permissible. It creates long term damage on skin. One can easily protect their skin by protect their skins from acne by taking some care.

Today we are presenting a list of food which will help to say Good byr to acne forever. According to season keep them in your food list and stay safe from acne.

  1. Cucumber:

There is a lot of vitamin A, C and E also amino acid in cucumber. This prevents boring bacteria on skin so that acne does not happen. One can also drink cucumber juice which helps to prevent acne and also it radiants face.



  • Fresh greens:

Because of indigestion acne problem in creases. So we must greens which helps to digest such as lettuce, spinach, stalk and so on. This greens helps to digest and solves acne problems.

  1. Raw Garlic:

People don’t want to eat garlic because of smell. But the anti- bacterial elements of garlic helps to refine blood and also develops body’s emune system. Try to eat ¼ of a garlic everyday.

  1. Tomato:

Tomato contains a lot of vitamin E which helps to solve acne problem. Also the bioflevanoids of tomato helps to repair damage cells. It helps to remove acne spots.

  1. Green Tea:

We drinks tea/ coffee everyday as a refreshing energy drink. But to prevent acne you must make the habit of green tea in lieu of normal tea and coffee. Green tea helps to make toxic materials out of body and to destroy bacterias which are responsible for acne.

  1. Olive oil:

We are soybean oil to cook generally. Sometimes we use mustard oil. But we don’t know that this soybean oil and mustered oil are responsible fro acne. Start using olive oil from today. Olive oil digests so easily and develops emnue system. Also acne problem solves.

Among the main reason for acne, dirty skin is in top. So, one must keep skin clean. Using scrubs to keep face clean. Acne can be in any other parts of body. So, scrubing applies for whole body. Also remember  drink plenty of fresh, pure water everyday, Getting plenty of high intensity exercise helps your body free toxin, get proper sleep that’s means keep stress free life, Vitamin-d is badly needed for a skin and without vitamin- D body can not fight infection, one more step you can reduce acne problem that is you should avoid sweets, fructose and grains for a few weeks. Replace this food you can take coconut oil, olive oil or butter and last you have to maintain a proper diet chart if you want to full free from acne. So, first make a diet chat and stay healthy.