9 Facts That Have To Be Considered To Choose Your Life Partner


Marriage of own choice or the family, there have some choices in the selection of partner both men and women. And should keep in mind the family demand. Bridegroom-Bride will select after look their likes, dislikes, age, educational qualifications, physical health, job or career. They should contuniue their relation after checking this. The matter is discussed today are all about whether you can keep in mind that for the marriage.

Looking for a honest person:

Honest person is of great, selfless, good man. Parents first condition is Spouses will faithful to each other’s. Parakiyaya addiction now greatly increased the amount so, Parents are worry about it. They want that them child will be honest.

Educational qualification:

The first thing is the selection of the vessel’s is educational qualifications. Boys should to be a graduate or post-graduate. And girls’ education was neglected before, but now husband want that wives are aware of the studies is at least graduate. An educated girl’s must be able to control with sufficient competence, and everyone seeking of this reliance. Nowadays parents also wants that.

Careers or Jobs:

Most daughters and parents choice aware of career . parents are looking for Socially established boy. To be socially established boy need a good job. Daughter and parents choice is government officials, banks jober, jurist, doctors, engineers, etc. Woman can not be handle the home , this idea is came out of the people to a great extent. But there are still some problems in some families. However, there is not so problem with working girl’s. Now people like doctor, a teacher, a job banker women.

Age difference:

Parents always want the vessel to vessel age of at least 5-7 years older than his daughter is. According to the parents, it make great understanding. Boys are more interest in younger girls for marriage.

Physical fitness and able-bodied:

Shape means color of body, long and in good health is a matter of the highest importance. If boy’s skin color is black, but there is no problem. Guardian and girl, wants one thing that the boy will be long. Both boys and girls are now health conscious. So slim girls are more preferred now. The boys do not like taller girls. There has not so problem in short or medium girls. But the fact that the most important between the two sides that is both must be physically healthy and able-bodied.

Elegant and polite:

A humans elegant and politeness is released on his speech and manners. Therefore, both the boys and girls should be enough elegant. They do not should say or act like which is contrary to their emotions or propriety.

Generosity and social:

Girls now independent, So they want to work after education. The girls do not want that their husband or his family keeps the dam. So, Of course boys must be open-minded. A girl also should gentle and liberal thinking. The husband may mix with many people at the time office time. Sometimes he have to pay a lot more time at the office. Such things a woman should understand and be social.

Avoid ego problem:

A boy and a girl Is make a bound to a life of social bonding. Their relationship is inseparable. So in this life time relationship, ego would not be allowed.

Stay humor:

The problem is mostly observed among couples are do not have sense of humor one of them. The girl is very entertaining nature but boy is very cool or serious. Therefore, sense of humor is very important for a long time relationship.