Some Important Tasks To Reduce The Risk Of Women Breast Cancer:


Some important tasks to reduce the risk of women breast cancer:

Though women are concerned about their beauty and physical health but it is exotic that most of them are not careful about the health of their breast. But like the other organs of body it is important to take care of the breast.
Especially after age of 30, it becomes urgent to confirm the good health of breast because of the changing of our lifestyle and health. Lets know some must to do things for the good health of our breast.

1.Use the right size bra:

Use comfortable and healthy bra and of course use the right size bra. Size of bra may change according to time so it is important to remain alert.

2. Try to stay without bra every now and then:

Try to stay without bra at home. As a result your body will get some relax. Sometimes you can try sports bra.

3. Massage your breast:

Not just your hands and legs, to keep good blood circulation sometimes massage your breast.

4. Test yourself:

What is the problem if you test your breast yourself? Test your breast yourself to know is there has any problem or diseases . If you find any change in your breast, emergency contact with doctors.

5. Eat healthy foods:

In middle age metabolism becomes slow. We must eat much food and vegetables from this time, such as fruits, fish, poultry and low fat dairy products has been associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. As a result, your breast will be good with your whole body.

6. Moisturizing:

Like whole body there can be lines, wrinkles in your breast as you grow older. So it is good to use moisturizer daily on your breast.

7. Smoking is forbidden:

Smoking can increase our age within a short time. Also this can be the reason of your breast to flag. So for the good to your body give up this bad habit. Reduce taking caffeine and alcohol.

8. Exercise daily:

Exercise daily to keep your body fit. For the good health of breast you can do this exercise. If you can keep your weight is control the risk of breast cancer will be reduced. Especially in postmenopausal women

9. Memo gram:

After a certain age the risk of breast cancer increases. You can contact your doctor for a yearly check or memo gram. But if there is no record in your family of breast cancer then you can do general medical test.

10. Stay implant and enhancing chemicals are too much dangerous for your health. Stay away from them as much as possible.

11. Breast feeding:

If you are a mother then feed your breast in proper way. It will assure good health of your breast.

12. Know about the risk:

Know that is anyone in who has or had breast cancer so that you can be careful about your own risk.

13. Stop Alcohol:

Compared with non drinkers, women who drink alcoholic beverage are at the risk position.
Lifestyle changes have been shown in studies to reduce the breast cancer risk even in high risk women. Just need to awareness and it should start today.

14. Avoid exposure to radiation and environment pollution:

Medical imaging methods, such as computerized tomography, use high does of radiation. So you should careful about this matter that you take the radiation only when emergency.

15. Limit dose and duration of hormone therapy:

Combination hormone therapy for more than 3 to 5 years increases the risk of the breast cancer. If you are hormone therapy for menopausal systoms, ask your doctor about another option.