Menopause Problems – Cause, Signs, Symptoms & Advice


Menopause Problems:

MenopauseThe woman’s body began to change when they arrived in the middle age. These changes began to appear in stopped before menopause or menstrual cycle. Changes generally in all 45 of the women and they feel it. Usually average age of menopause is 51 years but however, in the case of a woman 50 years of age in 40 years, and it can happen to anyone. Menopause is not a disease, but a natural physical process. If the symptoms of physical illness is not that time, but more acute in the course of the treatment will be done.

What is menopause?

1 month after the end of the rotation period is the time to menopause. This period is closed permanently and can not be pregnant. Due to the hormonal changes of menopause can be seen in a variety of physical symptoms. As a result, sleep disturbance, loss of energy and mental exhaustion occurs.

Steps of Menopause:

There are two stages of menopause. For example:

Pre menopause:

The period continues to be seen, however, with the symptoms of menopause. Hormone levels to rise or fall abnormally, hot flash and other symptoms can be seen. It is during the last 4-5 years or more. At the risk of pregnancy, but it does not make very much.

Post menopause:

1 month after the end of the period of post-menopause occurs. The ovaries produce very little estrogen and projesterana.

Menopause Signs and Symptoms:

Usually the signs and symptoms of it is seen when the period time finished. Such as irregular menstruation, barrenness (Decreased fertility), the vagina is dry, too hot to begin (Hot flash), insomnia or sleep disturbance, mood and out of the (Mood swings), increased fat, hair thinning, the breast becomes smaller.

When the doctor shows:

Everybody should consult your doctor regarding:

It can be a time (pre menopause) and after menopause (post menopause) for health care, preventive health care and age-induced if you are not sure whether menopause starts, the period stop in the previous month and that time the blood in the vagina.

What kind of tests might be needed:

Blood test, a variety of blood tests to determine hormone levels.

What kind of medical progress:

It does not require any treatment. However, long-term problem occurs with age according to the doctor’s advice and treatment may be necessary:
Hormone treatment (Hormone therapy)
Low resistant depression (Antidepressants), drugs.

Life style:

Regular Exercise and not too hot, so that it should refrain from any act
Rest or relax.
However, to sigh, Relax muscles quite productive
Vegetables, fruit-enrich diet and plenty of water to drink and also balance food.
Calcium-rich foods
Should refrain from smoking
Regular doctor’s advice

*What kind of complications can occur as a result of menopause?

The following can arise as a result of menopause:
Heart and blood circulatory system diseases (Cardiovascular Disease)
The body becomes weak and brittle bones (Osteoporosis)
Unable to control urine (Urinary incontinence) occurs
Weight increase.

*What are the reasons for menopause ?

So naturally when period is closed (Ovaries), less hormones (Estrogen and Progesterone) is made by ovaries. Natural reproductive hormones of the reduction (decline) due to menopause. As a result of the removal of the uterus and ovaries are in operation menopause. Cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause menopause. Before 40 years a lot of the ovary (ovarian) normal levels of reproductive hormones may not produce in the menopause time.

*What is known about the hormone in the blood tests?

Follicle amount stimulating hormone (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
The amount of estrogen (Estrogen)
The amount of thyroid stimulating hormone.
So, everybody take care the menopause time.