Nine Poisoning Foods In Your Kitchen


Nine Poisoning Foods In Your Kitchen:

honeyThose who like to eat healthy foods, some of the foods that you should avoid them properly and you will be a little surprised to hear mentioned. Most of the people think and understood that all kinds of fruit and vegetable are healthy. But the truth is that there are many fruits and vegetables which are full of toxic substances, especially those with a lot of serious health risks. The familiar and popular food intake persistently, as a result of increase in the level of poison in the body that can make you sick. Let us know about these things:


There is a proverb that “An apple a day will keep the doctor away” That is, if you eat an apple a day, and you do not have to go to the doctor. But the apple seeds contain hydrogen cyanide poison. We usually do not eat apple seeds. An apple there is not too much of a seeds. But apple seeds are eaten in large quantities, for some reason can cause harm. During do the apple juice to be careful about that the seeds are not to drop in juice.


Cherry is a popular fruit. That is eaten raw or cooked and that is also use in create to alcohol. Cherry leaves and seeds are containing poisonous material. When the seeds are crushed then the cherries generated (hydrogen cyanide). Do not eat the cherries seeds to shit on. The same things about applies to plum and peach.

*Pee nut:

Sweet almonds and bitter almonds, these two types of almonds are available. Hydrogen cyanide is relatively abundant in bitter almonds. Seven in ten adults may be a problem eating the bitter raw cashew nuts. Can be fatal for children. Some countries have declared illegal the bitter nuts are sold, for example, New Zealand. The United States has banned the sale of raw cashew nuts.


The works on the mind, which has nutmeg mairistisina. Nutmeg is usually used in cooking, the amount is not harmful. But if you eat a lot of it may be create some trouble like vomit, sweat, dizziness, headaches and hallucinations.


Normally potato is safe to eat. But the potato leaves and stem are contains glaicoloid. Many potatoes are rotten when keep it a long time in the house. These rotten potato is contains galicoloid’s is increase in the exposure to light. So keep the potatoes are always cold and dark place. These greenish and rotten potatoes are contains diarrhea, headaches, coma and even may be death can be the result.


Raw honey is graianoksin. So, if take one spoon of honey may be create some problem like: dizziness, weakness, excessive sweating, nausea and vomiting these symptoms.


Like potatoes, tomato leaf and stem cause digestive problems which glaikoealkalayeda. Raw Green Tomatoes and have the same elements. However, there is no problem eating in small amounts.

*Bean seeds:

Bean seeds is contains phaitohimatoglutanin. May be it create causing death, serious illness etc. So before cooking boil bean seeds for 10 minutes.

*Castor oil:

Castor oil are used in different kinds of candy, chocolate and other foods.
There are many people who eat a little castor oil every day and the children by force-feeding. Richie castor seeds, which contain the poison is very deadly. Those who are working to collect the seeds of serious side effects may occur. One castor oil seeds can kill one man and four seeds can kill a horse. How strong poison it s! We are lucky, because we buy castor oil that is so well prepared.