Six Ways To Loss Your Weight


Six Ways To Lose Your Weight:

weight-lossTo reduce own weight to refreshed and all want to stay fit. Many of try to diet, exercise, despite not losing weight? Mistake are hidden somewhere else. Those who want to lose weight, they eat very little at night, the main meal is eaten at noon. But after lunch, we got some work to many people after the dinner, which is not and the tasks which are essentially tied our digestion and weight increase. As a result, you have to try to do your best but you cannot reduce weight. A cup of tea is must be need after lunch or Eat fruit after lunch or in the diet? Remember that, these are meant to draw the opposite. These are making you fat. Stay healthy and lose weight so after eating maintain at 6 tips.

1.Sleep Early Before Lunch:

Many people are sleeping in the noon, it’s a bad habit. Specially the housewives, who are stay at home and took a nap in the afternoon after the lunch. This work would never try. Afternoon naps interrupted by the power of your digestion and weight increase in fatal role. If you choose to sleep, asleep before lunch, there is no problem. This is absolutely necessary to heal before lunch. This is absolutely necessary to heal before lunch, as we grew up.

2.Finish Your Lunch Before Bath:

The rice eating in the country is expected to rule before the bath, as we grew up. Nowadays, many people take a bath before lunch because busy or laziness. This work is to avoid as much as possible. Bath time comes to slow your digestion capacity, the main reason for the increase in weight. At least take the shower after 2/ 3 hours. Before eating take a bath, it’s better.

3.Fruits Take Empty Belly:

Indeed, all the doctor advice that to eat fruits. Who follow diet, They of course did eat a lot of fruit. Dietitians gives the fruit diet chart. After dinner, eat light at night may be take fruits but not lunch time. In our country’s people take the heavy meal at noon. It takes less time to digest the fruit but heavy meal takes much more time than fruits. As a result, none of the food are not digested. It has been digestive problems also with weight increases. If you want to eat fruits, you should eat before one hour.

4. After Eating Avoid Sweets:

After eating, many of them a bad habit that take sweets. A sweet drink, or any other food, sweet means excess calories. So, this practice should be avoided at you.

5.Tea Or Coffee Take In The Noon Not After Lunch:

Some people think that if they take coffee or tea drink at night may be they are not sleep at night but there are many people drink tea or coffee after lunch that a bad habit. Especially those who are in the office and after lunch they are drinking tea and coffee because they are used to it making a bad habit. If anyone wants to loose there weight, they must be avoid this bad habit. Tea leaves contains acidity, which impedes digestion. Generally we eat fish, meat, protein foods at the lunch, tea and this protein is not easily digested. The tea was obstructed exploitation of iron from food. In addition, there’s the excess calories and sugar to the milk tea.

6. After Lunch There Is Some Physical Labor Rules:

In the afternoon, go for a walk or do some exercise, since it is not possible tonight. Especially for those who want to lose weight, and indeed it was. Some kept walking in the office after lunch so that they think that lose excess calories. But the result is the opposite! Yes, after taking meals good to walking, It is very helpful in digestion and weight loss. But you should walk at 20 or 30 minutes. Walking should not be too fast, you can walk slowly.