Some Tips That Can Help You To Gain Weight Easily


Now it is time to competition for being thin and there want for weight gain, are you very surprised? Although you will surprise but many of people not.Rather weight gain tips is somehow expiration for him.

As excess weight is a problem,Exactly the same away broken health is also a problem.Thin is not always beautiful, beautiful is funded in weight according to the body structure.If your weight is less then 5/6 kg from ideal weight ,you have to understand that you have broken health.

A under weight person is loss natural beauty in the usual way.His cover being broken, we can see ink in corner of him eye, they are not interested in work or they feel tired. More thin people’s body doesn’t formed correctly, as a result they suffer from petty. Most of the time we can see they can not increase their weight.Many of them started to eat mostly but its have no gain.Rather they became ill by eat unhealthy food.Just do not be fat…need to be healthy also.
So what should you do now?If you are tired to trying for weight gain, you can follow this thips. Try to abide the rules, soon you can see some changes in you.

Raisin and nuts in the morning:

There have no alternative in nuts and raisin for weight gain.Before sleep at night soak half cup of nuts and raisin in water.Its very good for children also.

Increase the amount of food:

Increaseing amount of food dosen’t mean eat a lot of.And its also not possible.If you are lossing your weight for eat less ,then you can increase your amount of mauch you eat,you can increase a quarter of it.

Avoid eat repeated:

Most of people thought that they can weight gain by eat reapeated.This is not right.Eat the food by rules. Eat a little bit repeated increase motabolizom,it is causes of weight less.

Keep the fried foods in food list:

There have many fat in fried foods.That is very helpful for weight gain.Keep some leafy vegetables salad also.

Try to go gym:

Are you surprised ?You are thinking people goes to gym for weight loss, then why you will go?But the main point is, just do not be fat.The body must be clean.You will go to gym for build muscle.If a man want to weight gain it is very productive for him.Muscles weight is much. Morever,for exercise hungry will go on and you will can eat up.However you should exercise direction of a experienced trainer.

Eat sitting rice:

Sitting rice means the rice starch is not removed.Most of starch throw with that…so if you want to weight gain it is good to eat sitting rice.

Milk and honey just before sleep:

It’s a full proof stratigy for weight gain.Before sleep at night eat some nutritious food.A glass of milk everyday before going to bed in the midst of a dense mixed with honey is good for weight gain.

Add to the list of special food diet:

With your regular food, beside take some high calories food.Like egg, chees, soft drink, french fried, chocolate, mutton, beaf, sweet foods, ghee, butter etc.

Eat many vegetables and fruits:

You are thinking it is for weight loss, isn’t it?It will also help you for weight gain.There have many fruits which have high calorie like mango ,jack-fruit, lichi, banana etc.If you eat fruits and vegetables your health will be well and u can be gain also weight.If you can’t gain weight abide this rules ,you should go to a doctor for your health.Because you can have any latent disease just because you are under weight.

Will reduce the rate of metabolism:

For reduce metabolism, you should take rest after eat the food.Don’t do any work minimum 1 hour after take food.