The Types Of Dandruff And Hair Care


Hair CareThe Types Of Dandruff And Hair Care:

When we see that the deal skins of our head starts falling like flake, we call it dandruff. Generally adults and young are mainly suffers from this diseases. During these diseases, dead skins of our heads starts falling. This is why head itches and many people feels good when they seracthes with the comb or by there hand. And dandruff becomes visible is the comb, shirt and hair. If there is a little bit dandruff, it is normal. But if there is huge amount dandruff then it must be the symptom of boric dermatitis.

The difference between normal dandruff and boric dermatitis:

The difference between normal dandruff and boric dermatitis is that in normal dandruff one will not feel any burning on head skin. We must remember one thing that dandruff can not be cured hundred percent. It only can be suppressing dandruff is so important. Because if we can do not suppress, it we will start loosing our hairs. Many thinks that we should give lot of oil to stop dandruff. But this concept is totally wrong. Because of using oil head will always remain wet and oil and there is a big chance of being attacked by the fungus and this oily and wet head will cause much damage to head skin and hair. Many other uses the sediment of mustard oil. This another wrong concept. Because of this sediment, dandruff clings to head so people things that dandruff has gone . But it is not. These who are suffering from dandruff they should not keep wet their hairs and also they should avoid binging their hair when it is wet.

One should not use the comb of ones who has dandruff because this will cause dandruff related fungus to attack their heads too. Many of us thinks boric dermatitis as a general dandruff but we must be careful it can attack in every oily place of our body, such as on our chest, behind ears, on nose, bru and so on. When it attacks on these place we find dead skins there. And many disease also attacks because of this Boric dermatitis which may look like Aczima.

Medical treatment of dandruff and boric dramatitise are same. Anti dandruff shampoos like zinc pirithion, lenium sulphid or keto kenzole can work effectively. But if burns too much then beside the shampoo one should use powerful hotison lotion or gel. This may give a good result.